Present the right products
to the right customers
at the right time.

Every time.

The first knowledge-based product platform for eCommerce powered by the brain of a configurator.

Precise data + Human expertise + AI
= Real Intelligence™

Harness the power of Compatio’s knowledge-based product platform. Our Real Intelligence engine combines precise product data with industry-specific AI models to create a Single Knowledge Base to present intelligent, relevant product solutions across the customer shopping and product ownership experience.

Key Platform Features

Compatio’s knowledge-based, semantic platform uniquely combines real human expertise with advanced AI modeling to transform the noisy, irrelevant, impersonal experiences that define the current digital commerce landscape.
  • Configurator
  • Recommender
  • Bundler
  • Customer service support
  • Social commerce
  • Taxonomy management system
  • Real-time inventory
  • Easily maintainable
  • Single knowledge base
  • Real Intelligence
  • AI system with compatibility
    & configuration logic
  • Pre-built industry-specific AI models
  • Distributable resources for retail partners
  • Quick to implement
  • Headless commerce
  • Infinitely scalable
Like a great salesperson, Compatio’s Product Graph® is continuously learning and uses comprehensive product knowledge to deliver highly accurate, personalized, expert guidance across the entire shopping and ownership experience.
  • Product-to-product
  • Product-to-usage     
  • Product-to-person         
Compatio doesn’t guess. We know.

I’d recommend Compatio to anyone…except my competitors.

–  Compatio eCommerce customer

Increase Revenue Through
Dynamic Customer Experiences

Our powerful knowledge-based platform delivers accurate, relevant recommendations throughout the customer shopping and product ownership experience to boost revenue, decrease operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction,

Compatio’s platform dramatically increases sales
opportunities across your site’s entire customer journey.

Inspire customers with products to fulfill their needs for complete, personalized solutions

Enhance product discovery
with faceted search, cross-category recommendations and solution builders

Increase average order size
with proven cross-selling tactics, enhanced with our best-in-class product intelligence

Reduce returns
with hyper-accurate and compatible product solutions

Improve customer support
with a robust knowledge base for your team

Boost post-checkout sales
with better add-on recommendations


For eCommerce sites, Compatio’s cross-selling functions result in

1.7x to 5.4x larger orders

The Advantages of Real Intelligence

Bigger Baskets

Fewer Returns

Devoted Customers