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How intelligent is your site?

Our Compatio team of experts will provide an in-depth analysis of your site, including:

 Effectiveness of existing recommendation tools
 Cross-selling opportunities being missed
›  Suggestions for decreasing returns

… and other ways you may be missing revenue opportunities by not effectively connecting your customers with the products they want and need.

Sell with Real Intelligence

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Always Recommend the Right Products

Our apps and plugins help your shoppers find the solutions they want. Traditional recommenders guess based on broad correlations, because they don’t know how products work together. Our system factors in details other recommenders can’t. So your site will suggest the right products, every time.

Our recommendations work across your site and for individual shoppers.

  • Based on Product Use
  • Only In-Stock Variants
  • Technical Compatibility
  • Ranked by Best Fit

Enhance proven tactics with the right recommendations

There are proven ways to cross-sell to your shoppers throughout their journey. We’ve taken those tactics and layered our intelligence to give your store the best recommendation suite. All our plugins use our powerful product graph technology, which means bundles and combinations are generated automatically. Which means less maintenance for your team.

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Compatio's SmartBuilderSmart Builder

Outfits, Systems, Setups, Rigs: help shoppers buy solutions

  • The first every multi-manufacturer ecommerce configurator guides your customers through building a completely custom solution
  • Eliminate hours of research and lengthy consultation
  • Adapt recommendations based on what your customers have already selected
  • Automatically display filters so users can find their preferences
  • Calculate total price as user builds
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Compatio's Expert RecommenderExpert Recommender

Offer compatible add-on products on the product page

  • Improve sales with always-accurate recommendations
  • Give customers the best options for add-on purchases
  • Automatically split categories for easy selection
  • Combine variants for streamlined viewing
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Compatio's Expert Cross-SellerExpert Cross-Seller

Suggest best-fit, compatible products on the way to the cart

  • Convert cross-sell opportunities at the point of purchase
  • Suggest the best products from multiple categories
  • Optimize conversion with one-click add to cart
  • Includes option to show product descriptions and handle configuration questions
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Compatio's Smart BundlerSmart Bundler

Dynamically generate bundles of compatible products

  • One-click bundling options
  • Top recommendation based on CompatioScoreTM
  • Supports auto-discounts