Win the transition to digital commerce.

Optimize the digital shelf to present the right solutions to your shoppers every time, at scale.

Why We’re Different

Traditional recommendation engines still don’t understand how products works together. Our solutions cross-sell with high relevance and accuracy so your customers don’t dismiss your recommendations. We work with retailers to develop a knowledge graph that serves their shoppers.This lets us handle the product data and relationships for how products work together, so we always show shoppers the right solutions at the right time.

Product Intelligence at Scale

Unlike first-generation AI recommendation engines, our system creates recommendations based on critical factors like purpose, size, compatibility, quality of fit, brand and price relationship. This means every recommendation served on the digital shelf is in-stock, works for your shopper and is ranked by best fit.

Proven Retail Tactics, Transferred Online

While physical retail knows how to prompt impulse purchases, promote new products and boost unplanned purchases, the digital shelf is still behind. By layering Real Intelligence™ and product usage into product data, we present your shoppers with the right recommendations at the right time.

Quit guessing what your shoppers want.
Start selling with Real Intelligence™.