Finally, a way to sell custom solutions, not just products

Expert Builder 

The Only Recommender with the Brain of a Configurator

Outdoor sporting enthusiasts take their equipment very seriously.  Whether it is an angler building their ideal fishing rig or a cyclist assembling their dream bike, these enthusiasts build their solutions utilizing multiple components — which requires specific knowledge of which elements work flawlessly together.
Unfortunately, most eCommerce sites lack the ability to configure a complete solution, resulting in missed sales opportunities and frustrated shoppers – particularly when the components they purchase don’t work together. Angry customers = expensive returns.
Only Compatio utilizes industry-specific AI models which are encoded with real expert knowledge to deliver precise, accurate and useful recommendations throughout the online shopping experience. It’s like having your best sales consultant guiding your customers through the process. Compatible solutions = reduced returns = increased customer satisfaction.
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Compatio doesn’t guess. We know.