Harness the Power of Your Customers’ Solutions

Expert Builder – SPX

It’s Time to Monetize Your Customers’ Personalized Builds through Social Commerce

Serious anglers build their fishing rigs from the ground up utilizing multiple components, which requires specific knowledge of which elements work flawlessly together. And once they’ve completed the build, they want to share it online with everyone.
Unfortunately, most brand and retail sites not only lack the ability to configure a complete solution, they also have no way for customers to share their custom build with their network. Until now.
Introducing SPX, the Social Product Experience.
Built on Compatio’s Expert Builder technology, only SPX allows customers to share their complete builds on social sites which can be immediately and frictionlessly monetized, as anyone can click on that build and pre-populate a shopping cart on your site. From there, this new customer can buy that exact setup — or further customize it themselves. This is one of those situations where everyone does get to win.
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