Bigger baskets.
Fewer returns.
Devoted customers.

Our Real Intelligence™ draws upon precise product knowledge to create solutions that will delight your online customers. Every time.

Customers buy solutions,
not just products.

With tools for both enterprise platforms and ecommerce stores, we weave Real Intelligence™ into proven methods to cross-sell and increase unplanned purchases. And we offer these suggestions throughout the customer journey: while shoppers browse your products, add to cart and checkout.

Compatio doesn’t guess. We know.

Inspire your customers to discover and build complete, working solutions.
  • Make accurate recommendations by understanding complex relationships between products
  • Only recommend in-stock products that go together
  • Offer accurate substitutes for out-of-stock products
Display accurate and relevant recommendations with little maintenance and reduced costs.
  • Require little (or no) manual upkeep; easily accepts new products
  • Not dependent on manual, product-to-product relationships

Increase Revenue Through
Dynamic Customer Experiences

Intelligent Cross-Selling

Increase basket size by offering customers the specific product bundles and configurations to build the solutions they are really seeking.

Eliminate Returns

Use our Real Intelligence™ to know exactly which products are truly compatible across all manufacturers – no more frustrated customer returns.

Real-Time Inventory

Only display in-stock options, prioritized to achieve your objectives.

Infinitely Scalable

Add products or update features and specs – it’s seamless and immediate.

For Ecommerce and Enterprise Platforms

Our scalable taxonomy skillfully handles relevant recommendations, inventory and substitute products while boosting your revenue.

Smart Builder

Guide customers to build a completely custom solution with products that work together.

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Expert Recommender

Suggest compatible, relevant products on the product detail page.

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Expert Cross‑Seller

Offer shoppers the best add-ons after they add an item to their cart.

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Smart Bundler

Dynamically generate bundles of compatible products that work together.

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Our apps plug in to your existing ecommerce platform: