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Compatio’s platform addresses the core flaw on eCommerce sites: lack of Real Intelligence of how products go together to form a complete solution, tailored to the buyer’s unique needs.
    • Existing cross-selling technologies (recommenders) don’t understand inter-product complexities.
    • Many consumer products (audio, cameras, sporting gear, powersports, etc.) are comprised of several components, requiring specific knowledge to ensure accurate recommendations of what works together.
    • Only Compatio utilizes industry-specific AI models encoded with real expert knowledge to deliver precise, accurate and useful recommendations throughout the online shopping experience.
    Using Real Intelligence, Compatio’s knowledge-based product platform optimizes your digital shelf by presenting intelligent, relevant product solutions across the customer shopping and product ownership experience. And it’s infinitely scalable.

Retailers and Merchants

  • Expert Recommendation Suite (XRS) – Product discovery initiated by customers wandering your store aisles has never translated to digital – until now. Win the transition to eCommerce with our product discovery suite of XRS apps, using the intelligence of Compatio’s Product Graph® to put the right products in front of your customers at every step of the customer journey.
  • Expert Builder System (XBS) – Compatio’s Expert Builder is a powerful tool that enables shoppers to build a complete, accurate solution around a specific product.
  • Pre-selected Builds – Inspire customers with pre-selected Expert Builder solutions for specific applications tailored to your customers’ interests, like fishing for bass or cycling on gravel; share them on your site, via social media and other promotional channels where one click pre-populates a shopping cart on your site.
  • Customer Support – Give you customer support staff one-click access to our engine to provide the best support and cross-selling recommendations in real time.
  • Social Commerce –  With SPX (Social Product Experience), built on Compatio’s Expert Builder technology, the builds your customers choose to share on social media can be immediately and frictionlessly monetized.

Brands and Manufacturers

  • Putting you at the top of the right lists – Only our Product Graph™ knows exactly which products are the best solution for the customer and ensures they are discoverable throughout the customer journey – including the capability to combine with related products from different manufacturers on 3rd party retail sites.
  • True headless commerce – Smart microservices for headless omnichannel commerce providing detailed product data that can be incorporated by your retail partners to build compatible solutions across manufacturers. All updates, changes, additions or deletions on the back end have no impact on the front-end programming.
  • Resources to retail channels – Provide Compatio’s resources to your retail channels to ensure your products are being represented correctly on every retail platform.
  • Distributable Configuration – Integrate Compatio’s Expert Builder with your retail channels. Their customers can customize and configure your products and solutions directly on your retail partner’s platform, without leaving their site.
  • D2C Customer SupportProvide your (and your retail partners’) customer support staff one-click access to our engine to provide the best support and cross-selling recommendations in real time.
  • Smart StudioOwn your taxonomies: maintain accurate product data with ease, create and maintain complex product relationships and customize customer-facing widgets and APIs.
Engagement throughout the customer interest journey

Expert Builder System

The first ever multi-manufacturer eCommerce configurator
guides your customers through building completely custom solutions

Compatio’s Expert Builder is a powerful tool for shoppers to build solutions that work in the real world, because it calculates best-fit options using Compatio’s Product Graph.TM It can be launched from any product detail page and help customers build an entire solution around a specific product.
Outfits, Systems, Setups, Rigs: help shoppers buy solutions
  • The first every multi-manufacturer eCommerce configurator guides your customers through building a completely custom solution
  • Eliminates hours of research and lengthy consultation
  • Adapts recommendations based on what your customers have already selected
  • Automatically displays filters so users can find their preferences
  • Calculates total price as user builds
  • Product personalization and customization options are prompted when available

Expert Recommendation Suite (XRS)

The Only Recommender with the Brain of a Configurator

  • Introduces relevant products and products frequently bought together, enabling customers to discover items they may not realize they need or want
  • Uses product trends to engage your customers
  • Applies comprehensive product-based consideration:
    • product-to-product
    • product-to-usage
    • product-to-person
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Dynamic, easily adaptable and maintainable, our platform is optimized for the highly complex and continuously evolving nature of digital commerce
  • Tailored to your business needs, offering inventory prioritization in product presentation at every point in the shopping experience

Expert Recommender

Increase average order value with compatible add-on products delivered dynamically on product detail pages
  • Category Relevancy calculations display categories that best pair with base item
  • System automatically curates the products presented to the customer, using attribute filtering, product compatibility, and real-time inventory availability
  • Sort results by price, name, or CompatioScore. Results are dynamically sorted using CompatioScore, a proprietary algorithm that can balance multiple attribute dimensions (product purpose, price band, margin, precision of fit, etc.) for optimal product display
  • Show any number of add-on product categories, split into tabs for easiest browsing

Expert Cross-Seller

Suggest best-fit, compatible products on the way to the cart
  • Convert cross-sell opportunities at the point of purchase
  • Suggest the best products from multiple categories
  • Optimize conversion with one-click add to cart
  • Includes option to show product descriptions and handle configuration questions

Expert Bundler

Instantly and dynamically create best-fit bundles
  • One-click bundling options
  • Top recommendations based on CompatioScoreTM
  • Supports auto-discounts
  • Calculate total price as user builds
Our apps plug in to your existing eCommerce platform

Quit guessing what your shoppers want.
Start selling with Real Intelligence™.