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Bigger sales. Fewer returns. Happier customers.

Bring expert knowledge to your site.

SmartBuilder for the cycling industry knows how products fit together. It helps your customers find all the gear they need to get the most out of their bike, enabling them to personalize their setup for who they are and how they ride. It’s like having someone with 30 years of experience plugged into your eCommerce site. Use our pre-made Builders or customize your own.

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Build Solutions That Fit Together

Bicycle retailers that use Compatio’s SmartBuilder technology on their eCommerce site can offer online customers the personalized, knowledgeable experience they’ve come to expect in-store. Similar to personalizing a car on an automaker’s website, SmartBuilder’s recommendations help cyclists discover how to set up their bike and configure it properly. Customers receive expert recommendations at the point of sale, and achieve a deeper attachment to cycling since they’ll have a better understanding of how to extract more value from their investment.

How Compatio’s Technology Works

We maintain a comprehensive product catalog for the cycling industry that understands how products fit together. We map your product catalog to ours, then our compatibility engine will run on your site with no additional work required by your team.


  • Easily plug into any open eCommerce site
  • Customers build personalized solutions with products from your catalog
  • Show “best fit” products first, based on CompatioScore™
  • Cross-sell additional related categories, ranked by relevance
  • Filter products using detailed product data from Compatio’s database
  • Automatically sync inventory to recommend best-fit products
  • Compatibility rules ensure technically accurate solutions while requiring minimal maintenance
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